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Webinars 2024

Challenges in Breast Dissection Part 1 Ashley Gilchrist and Dr Lynsey Williams

Challenges in Breast Dissection Part 2 Dr Navid Momtahan

Webinars 2023

Use of digital pathology in cancer screening pathology Prof David Snead

Revisiting mitotic activity and grading in the digital era Prof Emad Rakha

HER2 low breast cancer Prof Abeer Shaaban

Spindle cell lesions Prof Grace Callagy

Webinars 2022

Molecular pathology in breast cancer – practical tips for the practicing pathologist Prof Louise Jones

Unusual referral cases Prof Emad Rakha

The spectrum of lobular carcinomas: implications for reporting pathologists Dr Caterina Marchiò

Fibroepithelial lesions Dr Elena Provenzano

Webinars 2021

Miscellaneous B3 lesions Prof Abeer Shaaban

Papillary lesions Prof Sarah Pinder

Lobular neoplasia Dr Clinton Boyd

Atypical intraductal proliferation including apocrine atypia Prof Ian Ellis

B3 lesions: an introduction and overview. What does the data show? Dr Rahul Deb

Columnar cell lesions including flat epithelial atypia Prof Sarah Pinder

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