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About the Association

The objectives of the Association are to promote the study of the pathology of breast diseases, to advance the knowledge and practice of breast pathology and improve the accuracy and consistency of breast lesion diagnosis. It aims to be a major voice of breast pathology in the UK.

The association was founded in 2018 after Dr Rahul Deb conducted a nationwide survey of breast pathologists which confirmed a need for an association that would provide support and guidance for breast pathologists and those who work with them. The ABP has since hosted annual conferences and shorter webinars for its members, who provide breast pathology services in a range of settings. 

We cater for everyone - general pathologists in DGH laboratories, monospecialists, screening, symptomatic-only, biomedical scientists and trainees.

If you are interested in joining us, please let us know

Association of Breast Pathology Council


Professor Ian Ellis

Honorary Secretary

Dr Clinton Boyd

Honorary Treasurer

Dr Navid Momtahan

Trainee Representative

Dr Lynsey Williams

Vice President

Professor Sarah Pinder

Meetings Secretary

Dr Rahul Deb

European Representative

Dr Grace Callagy

BMS Representative

Mr Ashley Gilchrist

Co-opted Member

Professor Cecily Quinn

Council members

Dr Shauna Casey

Prof Silvana Di Palma

Dr Anu Gunavardhan

Dr Elena Provenzano

Prof Emad Rakha

Prof Abeer Shaaban

Dr Bruce Tanchel

Dr Anju Verghese

Dr Lutful Wahab

Our constitution is available to read

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